Our Story

What is 6 Feet Together?

We all know the story of what is happening in the world.  We all know we are supposed to wash our hands and maintain a “social distance,” 6 feet apart.

Even so, we are all wrestling with uncertainty and a loss of community–that spirit of kinshop amplified by our gathering “in normal times.”

6 Feet Together is a story of coming together in not-so-normal times-the setting may be different, but the music sounds the same.

When the pandemic hit, the live events and music scene took a crushing blow.  Local band Bennett Wales and the Relief searched for a way to stay afloat and help others while doing it.  Doing a live stream show sounded promising but they know they needed help. 

Across town, Stage Right Lighting was doing some soul-searching of their own. With the cancellation of public and private events, their Live Event Team was out of work. The company had just doubled their footprint (and rent) with plans to build a sound stage/film studio. Faced with laying off most of his workforce and no money coming in, David Bell sat down with a core team and contemplated catastrophe — and how to avoid it. 

So Bennettreached out to his sound man who called his friend, who called another friend and their idea took root. That first friend was a Stage Right Lighting technician. When he turned to his boss to ask a favor, two separate struggles found a solution together. The once empty Stage Right warehouse became a professional stage with state-of-the-art lighting rig, and magic was ready to be made! Holding their breath, the crew watched the finished project unfold. On April 4th Bennett Wales & the Relief took the stage and the 6 Feet Together Concert Series was born!